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Life is a carousel, we should have a second ride.
I get a good deal of pleasure out of simply writing my stories and working with the characters that develop as we journey together. But, hearing from readers that they have been amused, and sometimes moved by the story, that is what makes it all worthwhile.
Dot's Legacy Book Cover
Dot's Legacy
The first book in The Park series

When Dot Jacks inherited a 'public' park she began a career that was to change the lives of the people of Chip Notting, providing unintended entertainment for them, and a social legacy to both haunt and taunt her heir. As Rhys gradually discovered, his inheritance included decades of hostility with the local Council, an attempt to sue a dog, the friendship of dossers, the debts and most of all, the wonderful community his Aunt had inspired.
The first year of Park ownership by Rhys, and his outspoken girlfriend Anne, is strewn with lively characters, all of whom have a part to play in the ups and downs of love, business, and the Park effect that was Dot's true legacy.
Many great 5 Star Reviews on Amazon

Colin Payn's written a real gem of a first novel. It's such a nice surprise. The story keeps you wanting more, and the main characters are likeable - you want them to succeed. There's a lovely mix of oddball and eccentric characters that'll make you want to keep reading, just to see what happens to them next. Dot is one of those eccentric characters - being dead doesn't stop her from making her mark on this tale, just as she did on her park. As another reviewer has said, this would make a great TV mini-series.

A totally compelling story-line that is "unputdownable". The participants are eccentric but absolutely believable. Their characters are slowly but surely drawn out until you know them. You are after every page left wondering what happens next. It is never boring and the style of humour is refreshingly different. There is never any impression of padding the book out that you get in some books, every word is in there for a reason. I cannot wait for the next book to be published.

Beyond the Park Gates Book Cover
Beyond the Park Gates
The second book in The Park series

Surviving the first year of running their surprise inheritance of a public park, (see Dot's Legacy), partners Rhys and Anne decide to go legal, and get married.

The characters who had made their year so lively were all at the wedding reception - which turned into a nightmare. The Father of the Bride, missing for thirty years, was revealed as a casual worker , living in a Park shed; the icecream man left the celebration with both his van and the Council officers wife; and the local reporter was dragged through the mud, with some considering that to be strangely appropriate.

Which left Rhys and Anne with two weeks of honeymoon before confronting - who knew what?
5 Star Reviews on Amazon

Having read the original book "Dot's Legacy" I waited eagerly for the sequel and I wasn't disappointed (Well I was, but only because it finished on a cliff hanger !)
Rhys and Anne are very likable people, in fact so is everyone involved in the Park.
There is sadness too when you think of the wasted years, self inflicted because of fear of rejection and embarrassment by Anne's dad.
You want it all to be resolved and everyone to live happily ever after and I'm sure they will but this family saga has a lot of life left in it yet.

A heart-warming and entertaining sequel to DOT'S LEGACY. The engaging characters, Rhys and Anne get married and before the ink has had time to dry on the marriage certificate, they are thrown into struggles with family issues, with the park they've inherited and with the people who are associated with the park. The story is amusing and enjoyable and the characters endearing which meant that I had to keep turning the pages to find out what happened to them next! It was very, very readable and I can't wait to discover how the new development mentioned towards the end book unravels in the sequel. Looking forward to the Park Stories 3!

Transport of Dreams Book Cover
Transport of Dreams

Short stories for when you are travelling, by motorhome, caravan, plane, cycle, car, boat, even by armchair.

1.Learning the ropes
2 Choosing a motorhome
3 Seine pirates
4 The airport
5 France and the wildlife
6 The incident of the bike in the field
7 Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh dear!
8 Sex and the single camper
9 Little Joe
10 Scarborough day out
11 The best of intentions
12 Charlie and Chantelle - Summer holidays
13 The Car
14 Carousel

Some more 5 Star Reviews on Amazon

I bought this latest offering by Colin Payn as some light reading on my next camping trip but couldn't resist starting it and then before I knew it I had read it all.!
I could identify with a few of the characters,especially those in camping mode as we have our own little motorhome (In fact a Romahome as mentioned in one of the chapters).
The book is a quirky little collection with a variety of short stories, one in particular I would have been better left to read in the camper on a misty, atmospheric night in October., rather than sitting in the sunshine on the patio as it lost some of its impact !

As the cover says this book is for all travellers - whether you are in an airport departure lounge, on the coach or train, sitting parked up in your motorhome, or maybe you are at home in your armchair.
An eclectic collection of entertaining short stories
Never before have I seen advise on choosing a motorhome in a poetic form.
Colin talks about human nature, from the 17 year old au pair's thoughts and other characters in "The Airport": to a pair of 60 year olds beginning a romantic relationship in "Sex and the Single Camper".
If there is one book to buy and give to others as a gift this Christmas - or at any other time - this is the book - I will be sending a copy to my son and his wife in the USA and another copy to my other son and his family in Scotland.


Writing magazine articles was my introduction to the fun of seeing my words on the page - and being paid for it. These are some of the magazines I have written for, and still do sometimes.
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