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The Park Series

Dot's Legacy

The first book in The Park series

When Dot Jacks inherited a 'public' park she began a career that was to change the lives of the people of Chip Notting providing unintended entertainment for them, and a social legacy to both haunt and taunt her heir. As Rhys gradually discovered, his inheritance included decades of hostility with the local Council, an attempt to sue a dog, the friendship of dossers, the debts and most of all, the wonderful community his Aunt had inspired.
The first year of Park ownership by Rhys, and his outspoken girlfriend Anne, is strewn with lively characters, all of whom have a part to play in the ups and downs of love, business, and the Park effect that was Dot's true legacy.

Dot's Surprise

The second book in The Park series

Surviving the first year of running their surprise inheritance of a public park, (see Dot's Legacy), partners Rhys and Anne decide to go legal, and get married.

The characters who had made their year so lively were all at the wedding reception - which turned into a nightmare. The Father of the Bride, missing for thirty years, was revealed as a casual worker, living in a Park shed; the icecream man left the celebration with both his van and the Council officer's wife; and the local reporter was dragged through the mud, with some considering that to be strangely appropriate.

Which left Rhys and Anne with two weeks of honeymoon before confronting - who knew what?

Dot's Secret

The third book in The Park series

In Dot's Secret, the final book in The Park trilogy, the Park lives up to its reputation for delivering the best of presents, a new baby, and the most unexpected of presents, a fifty-year-old 'lost' baby.
Young couple, Rhys and Anne, continue to battle for the future of their inheritance, the community which Dot created in the Park, helped or hindered by the many characters whose chaotic lives determine their future.
In the background are tensions within the Park staff, the tale of tassels in Paris, an animal invasion and the Green Revolution reaches Chip Notting.
Only the previous two stories, Dot's Legacy and Dot's Surprise, will prepare you for the strange world of a seemingly tranquil local park in the sleepy Essex town of Chip Notting.


It's 2050 and George Williams considers himself a lucky man. It's a year since he—like millions of others—was forced out of his job by Artificial Intelligence. And a year since his near-fatal accident. But now, George's prospects are on the way up. With a state-of-the-art prosthetic arm and his sight restored, he's head-hunted to join a secret Government department—George cannot believe his luck.

He is right not to believe it.

George's attraction to his beautiful boss, Serena, falters when he discovers her role in his sudden good fortune, and her intention to exploit the newly-acquired abilities he'd feared were the start of a mental breakdown.

But, it turns out both George and Serena are being twitched by a greater puppet master and ultimately, they must decide whose side they're on—those who want to combat Climate-Armageddon or the powerful leaders of the human race.

Transport of Dreams

Short stories for when you are travelling, by motorhome, caravan, plane, cycle, car, boat, even by armchair.

1.Learning the ropes
2 Choosing a motorhome
3 Seine pirates
4 The airport
5 France and the wildlife
6 The incident of the bike in the field
7 Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh dear!
8 Sex and the single camper
9 Little Joe
10 Scarborough day out
11 The best of intentions
12 Charlie and Chantelle - Summer holidays
13 The Car
14 Carousel